Product name:

Airoptic GasEye HCHO


 Airoptic Sp. z o.o., Poland

Work scope:

Conceptual, mechanical and structural design, production optimization.


GasEye HCHO is the world’s first remote formaldehyde vapor analyzer for air quality monitoring. It’s main features are:

    1. Real time sensing – platform response time is below 0,5 second

    2. High selectivity – application of TDL technology and algorithms ensures no interference from other constituents in the gas sample

    3. High sensitivity – the GasEye HCHO detection limit is below 40 ppb per meter

    4. In-situ monitoring – the analyzer platform provides the most reliable measurements of the formaldehyde vapor in large spaces (e.g. wood board production halls)

    5. EPA compliant – the GasEye HCHO measurements are provided with sensitivities required by the EPA regulations

    6. Maintenance free – GasEye HCHO can be equipped with a self calibrating feature, minimizing the maintenance costs

    7. Robustness – the platform provides reliable measurements in harsh enviroment. GasEye HCHO is insensitive to dust, smoke, temperature variations and optics contamination