Product name:



iF Product Design GOLD Award 2014


Game Technologies, Poland

Work scope:

Mechanical and structural design, production optimization, additional tools development.


The first product of its kind, DICE+ is designed to interact with tablet or other smart devices over Bluetooth. Bringing board games into the digital age, it lets people gather around a tablet and play together. With a sleek, shock proof design and an innovative LED display, DICE+ is a thoroughly modern version of the familiar dice. It is built with purpose made materials and boasts built in accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer, meaning it can be also be utilised as a modern motion controller. Not only that – it ensures a reliable and fair gameplay experience with a perfectly balanced design and features such as built-in intelligence that only accepts correct throws while low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0 hardware allows you to play for a whole day.

DICE+ was developed in Poland, produced exclusively in the EU for worldwide distribution and will be supported on Android and iOS. It will be available for $39.99.

Key information about DICE+:

DICE+ is a universal controller for digital board games which combines the fun of playing traditional board games with the endless possibilities offered by tablets. It interacts via Bluetooth with games played on a tablet or other smart device. DICE+ transforms your tablet into a variety of interactive board games and enables competitive or cooperative gameplay enjoyed by everybody, regardless of age. This is the key to the digital board game system which is systematically enhanced with a constantly growing collection of games.

Key product features:

  1. perfectly balanced game controller

  2. state-of-the-art technology, yet simple to use: just flip it & play

  3. wireless Bluetooth connection with a 15+ foot range

  4. compatible with iPad 3rd generation or newer

  5. compatible with Android devices with OS 4.0 Bluetooth enabled

  6. up to 20 hours of continuous play on a single charge

  7. non-abrasive, noise-reducing case

  8. traditional dice feel

  9. each face has a number with a LED backlight

  10. numbers sparkle with millions of colors

  11. proper roll detection ensuring full randomness

  12. vast array of free-to-play games at

  13. up to 7 dice can play together

  14. weight: 0.56 oz / 25 grams, dimensions: 1.02” / 26 mm