Product name:

NATURAL NURSING Product Collection


 Babyono, Poland

Work scope:

Conceptual design, Mechanical Design, Development of anti-colic valve system (patent pending).


NATURAL NURSING Collection – Modern response to babies’ natural needs!

Anti-colic teat

Key product features:

  1. unique structure of the teat promotes the natural sucking reflex via appropriate distribution of tensions,

  2. proprietary and patent pending anti-colic valve ensures correct air circulation during feeding, thus minimizing the amount of air swallowed by the baby,

  3. silicone teat reflecting the shape of mother’s breast.

Non-spill soft spout

Key product features:

  1. the soft spout for the NATURAL NURSING drinking cup intended for babies above 3 months of age.

Anti-colic bottles 260 ml and 180 ml

Key product features:

  1. the most feminine feeding bottle on the market – specially designed shape at the base, imitating mother’s breast,

  2. high quality of the product; due to the strict adherence to the EU standards and directives, products from the
    Natural Nursing collection are also recommended for newborns.

Bottle handle

Key product features:

  1. The NATURAL NURSING bottle handle is intended for babies above 3 months of age. If you have the NATURAL NURSING anti-colic bottle, you can mount the handle and help your baby to learn how to drink independently.