What we do

And how we do it.

Understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is a critical factor in our work. Therefore, whether it’s only a conceptual design or product development cycle management, our team is ready to serve you with its best knowledge and expertise. We focus on provide a wide range of design and engineering services which include but are not limited to:

Design: Product analysis and definition; Project goals and customer needs identification; Project brief and schedule development; Conceptual study and design; Conceptual 3D modelling; 3D visualization, Functional and imitation 3D prototypes.

Engineering: Mechanical and electrical solutions development; Mechanical design; Electronic systems design; 3D and 2D production documentation; Functional 3D prototypes 3D; Tooling and injection molds design.

Software: Material analysis; Project goals and customer needs identification; Project brief and schedule development; Applications prototyping; UX / UI design and evaluation; Software, firmware and middleware development.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing documentation; Process optimization
Implementation and execution supervision; Technology and contractor selection; High and low volume production; Packaging customization and logistics; Vendor relationships.

Thanks to cooperation with our services also cover the following areas:

Financing: Innovation and market potential evaluation; Capital investments; IP protection strategy; Commercialization and business model development and optimization; Assistance in obtaining optimal funding (EU grants, loans, self-financing); project control and supervision; Reporting and control of the EU funded projects; Ad-hoc support during implementation stage; sweat equity.

Testing: Developing tests and product/service oriented user experience testing; Endurance, quality, security and performance testing; Testing for compliance and harmonised standards.