We strongly believe that good design is far more than just a beautiful shape


The functionality and internal layout of each product is as important to us as its great exterior. Hence, we put an equal amount of attention to what you can and cannot see. To design products that are beautiful yet functional, we have a talented and multi-disciplinary team of experts ranging from designers and hardware engineers to programmers and financial analysts. All this to help you create and introduce to the market products of exceptional build quality and top tier functionality.

Since 2005, we have successfully executed a wide range of projects for our clients around the world. We have often served as their sole contractor throughout the whole product development process. This has helped us to not only build confidence and gain tremendous amount of experience but also taught us essential problem solving skills. Regardless of how bizarre your product ideas are, if you can imagine it, our team can help you develop it. Check our portfolio.


Understanding customer needs is the most important factor in our work. Regardless of whether it is only a conceptual design or product cycle management cycle, our team is ready to share the knowledge and experience.

Our attention is focused on design and engineering services, including:


Product analysis and definition; Project goals and customer needs identification; Project brief and schedule development; Conceptual study and design; Conceptual 3D modelling; 3D visualization, Functional and imitation 3D prototypes


Mechanical and electrical solutions development; Mechanical design; Electronic systems design; 3D and 2D production documentation; Functional 3D prototypes 3D; Tooling and injection molds design


Material analysis; Project goals and customer needs identification; Project brief and schedule development; Applications prototyping; UX / UI design and evaluation; Software, firmware and middleware development



Manufacturing documentation and process optimization


Implementation and execution supervision

Technology and contractor selection; High and low volume production; Packaging customization and logistics; Vendor relationships


Innovation and market potential evaluation; Capital investments; IP protection strategy; Commercialization and business model development and optimization; Assistance in obtaining optimal funding (EU grants, loans, self-financing); project control and supervision; Reporting and control of the EU funded projects; Ad-hoc support during implementation stage; sweat equity


Developing tests and product/service oriented user experience testing; Endurance, quality, security and performance testing; Testing for compliance and harmonised standards