During the initial phases, a project design brief is developed before the conceptual design in close cooperation with the client. The meeting preference is selected by the client- in person or remotely - during which we gather knowledge about the project. During this stage, we determine and verify technological feasibility and concept functionality. We also assess the technical aspects of the project and carry out a comparative analysis of the competition, along with defining production methods in terms of production  scale and product lifetime

1-2 hours / Free of charge 

At this stage, it is also optional to organise a full day engineering workshop aimed at deepening customer knowledge about the design process and technological opportunities within the project. For more advanced projects, workshops can also develop initial solutions or clarify functionality. Such meetings take place with our designers and constructors, resulting in a comprehensive brief along with a report containing specific technological recommendations.

6-8 hours / 750 EUR 

As part of the next stage, a selected design team from among our specialists prepares sketches, diagrams and mood boards as part of a graphical presentation of several possible concepts corresponding to the client's expectations and design requirements/assumptions. After internal analysis, three of the strongest ideas are put forward in the form of realistic product visualisations, including ergonomics and functions (containing USPs). The external material of the product is corresponding with the manufacturing strategy put in place. Product concepts are being made using Solidworks/CAD engineering software, which streamlines the work during the following project stages.

The stage ends with a presentation concluding all aspects of conceptual work at Mindsailors’ headquarters, the client’s headquarters or online.

10-14 days / Price range 3.000-10.000 EUR 


Scope of work: 

  • Product function analysis / USP / UX / ergonomics
  • Mood board creation of desired aesthetical direction
  • Material analysis and product strategy
  • Analysis of manufacturing technology
  • Assumptions of future constructional elements
  • Conceptual sketches
  • Renders of graphical concepts
  • Testing of patent availability (optional)
  • Market research (optional)

If you are not sure what stage of technological readiness your project currently is at, send us an email to mindsailors@mindsailors.com and we will conduct an analysis and create a report showing the direction of required work

7- 14 days / from 800 EUR