Mindsailors Design Studio and Sanitec KOLO team up and deliver a new bathroom furniture collection Domino XL. It’s the fourth set designed by Mindsailors for Sanitec KOLO.

Domino XL is a modular furniture system which allows the user to free-form the elements as required. The series consists of universal and highly functional cabinets designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, finished in colors that will truly complement any bathroom interior.

The name of the series is not incidental. Just like domino-blocks, the set’s elements can be arranged and adjusted at will to fit any bathroom style and size. The unique selling point of the series lies in its versatility when it comes to matching it with almost any bathroom ceramics. All one has to do is to select a proper siphon covering and a tabletop in order to find an ideal solution suitable for individual taste.

A great deal of attention has been put in order to maximize drawers’ storage space. The sink cabinet has an isolated siphon area, additionally, a pull-out basket for small items can be fixed inside. The side cabinets have the drawers divided into compartments for better organization and storage space utilization. All the cabinets can be either wall mounted or placed on legs.

Solid fronts of the cabinets are well contrasted by a vertical cutting, which adds to the lightness of the form and serves well as a handgrip. The furniture set is available in two distinct color variants. Traditional white – ideal for contemporary arrangements and dark wenge – for the brown shade enthusiasts.

Sanitec is a leading European multi-brand group that designs, manufactures and markets bathroom ceramics, bath and shower products as well as bathroom furniture. The company works closely together with customers and industrial partners, architects and designers to develop sustainable bathroom concepts with an advanced design that promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Mindsailors is a renowned and awarded, Poland based, an industrial design studio specializing in providing design, engineering, and manufacturing services in various fields ranging from household equipment and consumer electronics to furniture.