This time it is not Warsaw to talk about creativity in business, but the capital city of Wielkopolska. GRA O SUKCES / GRA O BIZNES (GAME OF SUCCESS / GAME OF BUSINESS) is the name of the event which is taking place on 16th February in YouNick in Złotniki near Poznań. It’s a satellite event of the gala of 50 Most Creative in Business of BRIEF magazine.

However, this is not going to be another predictable conference. An original form of a creative game has been planned, and its purpose will be to engage the participants in the subject of a creative approach to work, hence in creating innovative solutions.

The organizers invite to take part in the Game. Its rules are easy. At the very beginning, the participants will be divided into teams, will visit three stations and do some preparation tasks. An empathy map and association pyramid will be created, and all the people will…. abstract. The stake will be new knowledge, creative techniques, action tools, and contacts. “There will also be hidden agents, special assignments and puzzles to solve,” says Justyna Lach, Concordia Design Marketing Manager. Fun and strong emotions guaranteed.

The event will be accompanied by short presentations by Grzegorz Kiszluk (BRIEF magazine) and Daniel Michalski (EU Wearables/GOCLEVER); an expert panel with e.g. Eliza Kruczkowska (Polish Development Fund and Brief Programme Board) and Adam Tychmanowicz (Yanosik). The discussion will be run by Joanna Rubin (the author of blog and a book titled “Twarze polskiego biznesu” [eng. The Faces of Polish Business]).

On 16th February entrepreneurs, the representatives of business and investment fund institutions from the region are going to meet in YouNick. All this to share experiences of an unorthodox approach to business, to show entrepreneurs and innovators coming from Wielkopolska and to wonder about potential and actions to be taken for the region and its entrepreneurs, says Daniel Michalski, EU Wearables Founder.

The event organizers are Concordia Design, YouNick, SpeedUp Venture Capital Group, Mindsailors, Filmpoint, Poznań Science and Technology Park of AMU Foundation, ”Business in BRIEF” magazine.