DICE+ – world’s first electronic dice – designed and developed by Mindsailors and Game Technologies, receives the iF Product Design GOLD Award 2014. It is the first gold award granted to a Polish product and company in the history of the annual iF Product Design contest since 1954.

iF Product Design Gold Award 2014 – Mindsailors / Game Technologies / DICE+

The Jury statement read

We selected these dice because of their holistic approach to bringing fun into the computer category. The element’s overall good multi-functionality – you can use it as dice as well as a controller – positively surprised us. Especially notable is the well thought-through design with perfect weight distribution and the sophisticated way in which the senses are addressed. With this iF gold award, we definitely want to encourage the developers to take this approach even further.

DICE+ won the award in the Computers category along with five other products: Mac Pro desktop computer and iPad Air tablet (by Apple), VAIO® Tap11 tablet (by SONY Corporation), ThinkVision LT2934z 29″ panoramic monitor (by Lenovo), HP Chromebook 11 laptop (by Hewlett-Packard Company, Google).

This is the first time an award of such magnitude has been granted to a Polish company. It is a major achievement not only for our studio but also for the entire Polish industrial design community. We hope that it will encourage other Polish companies to be innovative, compete with the best and aim for the highest prize. Nothing is impossible – commented owners and cofounders of the studio Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat.

At the same time, we are proud to announce that, according to the iF creative ranking, Mindsailors is the most awarded Polish design studio. We hope that this confirms our commitment to excellence and high standards that we set for ourselves for every project we work on – they added.

When designing DICE+ we wanted to create a world class quality device. The first ever iF Design Gold Award granted to a Polish company is a confirmation that we succeeded in creating a product which represents a level of innovation and quality never before seen from a Polish company – added Patryk Strzelewicz, Cocreator of DICE+ and a Board Member of Games Technologies.

DICE+ is the most technologically advanced game controller in the market and also the simplest to use.

A dice – it might be just a cube with numbered sides, and yet it has accompanied human civilization for more than five thousand years. The rapid development of the tablet market has brought about a real revolution even in this field of entertainment, which remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Game boards, both classic and new, have migrated to tablet and TV screens. However, the fact that the number of steps a player will move is generated by a computer deprives the games of all the magic, excitement and uncertainty involved with dice rolling. That’s why DICE+ has been created – a dice for the future. This state-of-the-art mini wonder combines the fun of playing traditional board games with the endless possibilities offered by tablets.

The iF Product Design Award is a wide-ranging competition for all aspects of product design. Participants compete in a total of 17 different categories. The design award offers a platform for innovations and the opportunity to establish themselves. The iF product design award has been a trademark used to indicate outstanding design since 1953. A total of 4615 products from 55 countries entered to compete for the prestigious design award in 2014. 75 of which have been awarded with an iF gold award, known as the „Design Oscar” which is considered the highest distinction in industrial design and innovation field.

Mindsailors is a renowned and awarded, industrial design studio specializing in providing high complexity design, construction, engineering and manufacturing services in various fields ranging from household equipment and consumer electronics to furniture and automotive industries. iF Product Design GOLD Award 2014 is the fourth prize, granted to Mindsailors by iF International Forum Design in recent years. First three being Sly’d (2008), Z-drive (2009) and EZIO Plug&Sign (2012).

Game Technologies was founded by enthusiasts of board games from Q-workshop, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dice established in 2004. In 2010, DICE+, the electronic dice and a universal board game controller was created. It was first revealed at the E3 Trade Fair. The enthusiastic reception of the prototypes encouraged the launch of the mass production. The manufacturing plants and development centres have been located in Europe. Recapitalized with a $10 million investment, Game Technologies was transformed into a joint-stock company. Today, it is developing new products and related applications. At present, the company employs more than 80 people in its offices in the EU, US and Far East.