We are extremely pleased to inform you about our two projects awarded in the Good Design 2015 competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design. Our projects were appreciated by a multidisciplinary jury led by Katarzyna Rzehak, IWP Creative Director. Both products were awarded in two categories (out of seven) and were selected from nearly 130 entries.

Good Design 2015 in the Working Environment category goes to:

Reeco Premium Anti-Static Worktable

Project Coordinator – Zbigniew Łysoniewski, Designer – Rafał Piłat

Producer: Renex


The Jury indicated excellent product fitting to the needs of a specific market of workplace organization, where ergonomic requirements are most significant because they determine safety and efficiency. The Reeco worktable is a necessary installation in the rooms where electronic and electrotechnical devices are produced and wherever electrostatic discharge should be prevented. A specialist tabletop with a core conducting static charge was covered with HPL, and the structure was secured with anti-static paint. The tabletop can be positioned on different heights, which also works well for disabled employees or those working in wheelchairs. The worktable is a democratic product and its exceptionally affordable price may influence its distribution on the Polish market.

Good Design 2015 in the Services Category goes to: – an application and device for sharing files

Project: Błażej Marciniak and Marek Cieśla

Service Provider: sp. z o.o.


The JURY indicated an intelligent reaction to clients’ needs, recognized by the designers. On the one hand, users are eager to use clouds and external servers, on the other hand, a question of data safety and confidentiality arises. The service is a perfectly developed safe local cloud together with a well-designed application enabling file sharing. Such simple and automated file sharing combined with a safe and controlled data flow responds to the needs of contemporary users.

The Jury of the Good Design 2015 competition:

  1. Katarzyna Rzehak, the President of the Jury, the Creative Director of the Institute of Industrial Design

  2. Arkadiusz Bąk, the Undersecretary of the State in the Ministry of Economy

  3. Patrycja Zielińska, the Vice-President of the Industrial Development Agency (Agencji Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A)

  4. Alicja Adamczak, Ph. D., the President of the Polish Patent Office

  5. Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak, the President of the Polish Industrial Development Agency

  6. Prof. Katarzyna Konopka


    . Eng., a professor at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology

  7. Prof. Michał Stefanowski PhD., the Vice-President of SPFP (The Association of Industrial Designers), the Chair of the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, INNO+NPD Designer

  8. Associate Professor Artur Frankowski, PhD., a designer, the Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

  9. Sebastian Christow, the Director of the IT Department in the Ministry of Administration and Digitization

  10. Marcin Malicki, Product and Service Development Director in the Centre for Information Technology

  11. Iwona Palczewska, Ph.D. , Research and Development Manager in IWP

  12. Piotr Pawłowski, the President of the Friends of Integration Association

  13. Agata Solon, a Landscape Architect

  14. Ewa Szyszka – Oczkowska, a Designer, a Specialist in the Creative Department of IWP

We invite you to the Good Design Exhibition 2015

From 23rd October until 20th November 2015, in the Institute of Industrial Design at ul. Świętojerska 5/7 in Warsaw, you can see the best-designed products and services on the Polish market. These are the finalists and winners of Good Design 2015. This competition has been organized by the Institute of Industrial Design since 1993.

It’s the only independent design monitoring on the market. It invites producers, distributors, service providers and design studios whose products and services were recommended by the Institute experts as meeting the requirements of good design.

The Good Designs 2015 are awarded in seven categories. The honorable partner of the competition, the Minister of Economy, will grant the Design of the Year 2015 Award for the best Polish product or service. The President of IWP chooses the Designer of the Year 2015.

For the first time this year, the Product of the Year 2015 Award has been granted to the most innovative Polish product. It was granted by the Strategic Partner of the Competition, the Industrial Development Agency.

The purpose of the Institute of Industrial Design is to select the best products from a deluge of goods on the market, not only designer wonders or exclusive designs but well designed, modern and innovative products, with prices calculated according to the abilities of an average Pole.

The post-competition exposition of Good Design 2015

23rd October until 20th November 2015

The exhibition will be open: Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 19:00

Free entrance