Three companies from Poland were awarded in a prestigious design competition. DICE+ cube by Game Technologies Company got the iF Gold Award. The iF Award went to Flowair and Fibar Group companies for innovative products.


iF is one of two (the other is Red Dot) most significant design competitions in the world, with its history dating back to 1954. Every year a few thousands of companies from all over the world take part in it. The awards are given in a dozen or so categories. The iF Gold Award and the iF Award not only mean prestige for the winners. The awards have a direct effect on the increase in sales of the awarded products.

This year three companies from Poland were awarded: Game Technologies, Flowair and Fibar Group. The prizes were handed in at a glamorous gala which took place on 28th February in BMW Welt in Munich.

Founded by Patryk Strzelewicz and Michał Bąk, Game Technologies received a golden medal as the first Polish company in the history of the competition, for the interactive DICE+ cube. It’s a small object which can serve as a dice or as a wireless controller, e.g. for a tablet. This award actually confirms the company’s market position, because DICE+ is already available in Apple Store shop, and its sale is good enough for the producer to assume a so-called break-even, an investment worth of much over 30 million PLN for 2015.

During the ceremony, in the justification for granting the prize, the jury indicated that it was to be an incentive to create the next innovative products.  Patryk Strzelewicz isn’t hiding that he has many ideas up his sleeve. “As the name of our company suggests, we still want to create interactive game accessories. In board games you don’t use only dices, so there’s much room left for more. But we won’t focus on board games only,” Strzelewicz told “Forbes”.

The cube designer is Michał Bonikowski, from Mindsailors design studio, who has received three iF awards so far for consumer electronics products, but the first gold was for DICE+.

Inside the cube there is actually everything you can find in a modern smartphone. It was not an easy task to place all such elements like a processor, battery, gyroscope, in such a small space. A PCB board, which is usually flat, makes a 3D structure inside the cube, consisting of six small boards. Game Technologies company has a patent application for that, explains Michał Bonikowski.  The product is developed enough to be said to be Version 2.0 at the very beginning, he adds.

Flowair company from Gdynia was established in 2003 and specializes in heating large structures. The product awarded with the iF Award is OXeN, a heat recovery unit. It enables to heat fresh air flowing to the room with the heat recovered from the removed air. The heat recovery efficiency reaches even 94 per cent, which saves a lot of energy. A big advantage of the device is also the fact that it doesn’t require mounting an additional duct system in the room. The designer of OXeN fan is Rafał Dętkoś.

The co-founder of Flowair company, Maciej Głogowski, is of an opinion that a good product design is able to give a company a competitive advantage and entry into the global market. Provided that by “design” you mean not only a nice appearance.

Industrial design enables to reflect, from the beginning, on the needs connected with the product, its structure, materials, and usage. And hence – it enables to introduce innovations, explains Maciej Głogowski.

It’s the second iF award for his company. As he admits, the first one, which he received a year ago, helped him communicate the product assets and directly influences the number of orders. At present, Flowair company sells its products to 26 countries of the world and has the annual turnovers  reaching nearly 40 million PLN.Maciej Głogowski, Flowair

I always underline that although we have spread our wings, we are a Polish company. Not only do we invent our products here, but also create them here and pay  our taxes here, says Głogowski.

The third winner from Poland is Fibar Group Company from Poznań. It received the iF Award for the Fibaro Flood Sensor. This small, beautiful device in a water drop shape is placed wherever there’s a risk of flooding – under a bathtub, washing machine or in a cellar. The sensor has a sound and light alarm, but can also communicate with a home alarm system or, more and more popular in Poland, house management systems, which can be controlled via smartphones or computers.