Linear drain system EasyLine


Multi-level height adjustability patent



Work scope:

Conceptual solution design.
Constructional and mechanical design.


EasyLine is a game-changing linear drain that can be installed in any shower or bathroom. Among many other impressive features, EasyLine includes a patented adjustability solution and an excellent flow rate. Not only can the product be cut easily to any size from 350 mm and 1070 mm, the grate can also be adjusted in height (and appearance). This gives you the freedom to choose EasyLine regardless of the thickness of a floor material or the evenness of a surface being worked on. The product can be installed anywhere on the bathroom floor, thanks to the rotational water trap.
EasyLine, has been totally designed to meet the highest quality standards from start to finish. Every EasyLine package includes the proper sealing materials, with either a certified glue and membrane or a corresponding solution for your market requirements.
Main features include:
Stylish design. The adjustable cover can either be plain or with grating lines. It can even be customized with a company logo.
Adjustability.  Unique innovation for cover height adjustment.
Smart installation. The block legs can be used as a cutto-size guide for both the profile and cover before installation. The block legs enable easy installation and length adjustment: 350 mm – 1070 mm.
Flexibility. The pre-assembled water trap can be lowered if needed. Universal outlet pipe 50/40.