POTZ Genesis


POTZ Genesis Watch Winder



Work scope:

Conceptual, constructional and mechanical design.
Embedded hardware design and certification.


POTZ Genesis watch winder combines unique minimalistic design with high technology and perfection.
Powered by Swiss Maxon motors make Genesis watch winders work in complete silence. No ticking, no rumbling, no noise. Just pure beauty and design to please the eye.
Maxon motors are fully protected against electrical emissions. This keeps each of the watches perfectly safe. Each watch winder has a unique code, generated individually for each client which makes the level of security as high as possible. No one but the user is able to open the device. The option can be disabled to keep the device open.
All motors are manufactured and assembled by hand by experienced craftsmen. Each watch winder we offer is a masterpiece created with love and passion. The winders are completely in line with the Swiss high-end design, as well as exclusive simplicity and Italian alcantara finish. Customized to meet each user’s needs only the finest materials are used with a focus on elegance and modernity.
Setting up watch winders is a snap. There are three options to choose. The ‘auto’ mode works best for most automatic watches. It’s all automatic and requires no action from you. The ‘turbo’ mode to bring the stopped watch back to life. The ‘manual’ mode is for more complex watches. Settings are fully customizable according to one’s preferences.
Design and light works well together. Genesis watch winders have the unique light system installed in both the cassette and exterior look. Settings are customizable – ambient light colors and the level of brightness can be selected.