Work in the field of prototyping intends to transform the design into a material form with the use of our prototyping facilities and a network of trusted & proven partners. Prototyping aims to confirm the assumptions about the dimensions, proportions, ergonomics and functionality of the entire product and individual elements. We divide prototypes into three types:

Initial overview - usually made using the most accessible technology, e.g. modelling clay, polyurethane foam and 3D-FDM printing. The task of the prototype is to confirm the assumptions about the size of the product, positioning of key product features and constructional elements.

Visual - usually made using SLS or SLA 3D printing technology, followed by manual surface treatment. The prototype confirms the material assumptions, the appearance of elements, material structure and general visual acceptance of the product.

Functional - usually made using SLS, SLA or CNC technology, requiring manual or mechanical surface treatment. The prototype is used to verify mechanical, structural and functional assumptions as well as compatibility with other product elements, such as electronics.


Scope of work: 

  • Development of 3D models
  • Analysis and recommendations of manufacturing technologies
  • Material analysis
  • Mechanical machining
  • Manual processing
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly of parts and subassemblies


10-90 days / priced individually 

If you are not sure what stage of technological readiness your project currently is at, send us an email to and we will conduct an analysis and create a report showing the direction of required work

7- 14 days / from 800 EUR