On 20th October this year, in Och-Teatr in Warsaw, there was the premiere of ZOOM.ME, a product whose originator is Mateusz Kusznierewicz, an Olympic sailing champion from Gdańsk, opening a new technological chapter of his business activity with this project. Our studio was responsible for the conceptual detailed project of this device.

Core functionality of ZOOM.ME is an aesthetic, user-friendly screen.  It displays pictures sent from your friends’ smartphones via a dedicated free application.

The moment you want to share something with your parents, wife, husband, siblings or friends, you take photos with your smartphone. You send them via a free app to the ZOOM.ME devices which are in their homes. The ZOOM.ME user doesn’t have to do anything, the picture displays automatically and the recipient can instantly feel the emotions of this important unique moment, explains Mateusz Kusznierewicz, the ZOOM.ME originator. The pictures sent to ZOOM.ME will create an original, always current album.

The pictures can be sent from a smartphone to several ZOOM.ME devices at the same time. Every ZOOM.ME can receive images from any number of people.

From Inspiring Entertainment to a Serious Business

One day I was playing with my daughter. Dressed up as Ariel, Natasza was posing for photos and sending kisses in my direction, says Mateusz Kusznierewicz. I wanted to share this moment with my parents. I knew it would be a nice surprise for them, a small gift, but a precious one. I realized many people have such a need. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it in a fast and simple way. I started to wonder how to solve this problem and that’s how the idea of ZOOM.ME was born.

The path from the idea to action was very short. Initially, Mateusz Kusznierewicz wanted to fulfil the idea with one of the world technological giants. However, it quickly turned out that competent people, ready to accept the challenge of creating a new product, are here in Poland. The originator was joined by Krzysztof Trzebuniak, the President of Financial Support Group, who took responsibility for the business and financial part of the enterprise; Patryk Strzelewicz from  Game Technologies SA, a co-creator of DICE+, responsible for marketing, implementing new technologies and product design; Michał Bąk, also from GT, Strzelewicz’s partner at DICE+, responsible for preparing software in ZOOM.ME project; Michał Bonikowski, a designer, the owner of Mindsailors studio; Roman Panek and Daniel Michalski, GOCLEVER, responsible for production and distribution, as well as for after-sales service; Rafał Baranowski, the creator of pomorskie.travel, responsible for product functionality development.

A real dream team was created. The pace of work, of making decisions, solving problems, which you usually encounter while working on new products or technologies, was impressive. By passing within less than a year from an idea to the premiere of the product ready to enter the market we actually showed that a Pole can do it. Now we are facing the most important test of ZOOM.ME, performed by its users. We’re convinced it will be successful, as ZOOM.ME was created  because of the heart’s need and with people closest to us in mind, summarises Mateusz Kusznierewicz.

The strategic partner of the project is T-Mobile Poland, which eagerly joined the works in the concept phase.

‘Moments that connect’ is a promise of the T-Mobile brand. Thanks to ZOOM.ME, it is possible to share exceptional emotions anytime, with no limits, so engagement in this project was obvious for us,” says Grzegorz Bors, the T-Mobile Poland Board member, responsible for marketing and sales on the private market. “Moreover, our wide competence in the area of innovations allowed us to suggest a number of improvements, thanks to which our clients will obtain a unique product. All this based on the best network in Poland, adds Bors.

T-Mobile also tested the product in their laboratories, and now they have ZOOM.ME in their offer as the only mobile network operator on the market.

This year ZOOM.ME is going to be available in Poland and some European countries, in T-Mobile sales channels and in RTV EURO AGD, Mediamarkt, Saturn, Komputronik, Mediaexpert, Neonet, X-KOM and Empik. From 3rd November, in all points of sale, there is going to be a 3D version of the device. Additionally, all 3G devices are going to be accompanied by a free T-Mobile pre-paid card in retail network, which will enable you to receive pictures for three months free of charge.

The ZOOM.ME creators assume that until the end of this year 35,000 devices will be sold.

ZOOM.ME has a 7″ IPS LCD screen with the resolution of 1024×600 pixels. The display parameters have been selected to obtain the best quality of displaying photos while keeping an attractive price. ZOOM.ME has two versions – WiFi and 3G with a SIM card, in Poland provided by T-Mobile. It includes its own dedicated operating system based on Android 4.2.2. ZOOM.ME can display pictures sent from many smartphones. They can be downloaded to another device through a micro USB port or a micro SD card. The ZOOM.ME application for sending photos to the ZOOM.ME screens works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, and it’s free. It’s simple and intuitive. It permits to add text to the pictures being sent and to review their history. The pictures taken by a smartphone are properly scaled to the screen resolution, encrypted and sent to the device. After delivering to a given ZOOM.ME device, the picture is removed from the intermediary’s server. The features facilitating the presentation of photos are essential: the charger, which is a stem maintaining the screen in a vertical position, has a long 3-metre cable, and the screen sleeps automatically at night.