According to the latest statistics, more companies are now investing in professional product development solutions. In fact, businesses can reduce the risk of a product not meeting the customer’s need by a staggering 25%!


By investing in the right type of product development research and prototyping services.

New product development has become a pressing need of the hour. In today’s cut-throat competitive landscape, businesses, both small and big, need to have a solid innovation strategy in place. Moreover, they require advanced and more efficient product developers who can leverage the latest best practices to create prototypes with high success probability.

In this detailed blog, you will learn all the reasons for hiring R&D product development and new product conceptual design services.

In this detailed blog, you will learn all the reasons for hiring R&D product development and new product conceptual design services.

Seek Smart Engineering Assistance

Modern-day product development solutions are quite different from conventional alternatives. For example, at Mindsailors, we have a distinctive approach to creating new product concepts and turning them into prototypes.

Our industrial design and embedded electronics team work closely to bring your bold ideas to life. Using the two techniques simultaneously, we create stunning solutions with coherent manufacturing and launch needs.


It’s Meticulously Good!

Many business owners, especially the new ones, think that investing in advanced product prototyping and development solution is expensive. But the results are so lucrative and excellent that they can easily overpower the spending.

According to a Harvard Business School professor, over 30,000 products are launched yearly, and 95% of them fail! That’s exactly why experts strongly recommend proficient R&D and product development solutions.

Talk to our experts at Mindsailors to discuss how you can create a successful product design. Our firm has recently received an official, government-issued “R&D Center” certification as well.

It’s Dynamic

Product development isn’t only about identifying a market gap and launching a solution to fill it up. The entire process has several stages, and missing even one can lead to a disaster. With a professional product development and engineering firm, you will have continued support in all the phases, such as:

· Research and development

· Feasibility studies

· Testing

· Cost-benefit analyses

· Potential ROI generating ability, etc.

Specialized Tools and Resources

As a business owner, one shouldn’t have a one-man-show approach. With technology advancing so rapidly, you need to have qualified experts by your side.

A professional product R&D and prototyping team uses the latest and accurate tooling for the process. Depending on the intricacy of mechanical work and engineering concepts, your product development company will use specialized tools to get the work done.

Looking for the Most Reliable Product Prototyping and Design Experts? We are Here to Help!

At Mindsailors, we’re all about bringing ideas to life. We operate internationally with a purpose-designed industrial design studio. Together, they can create amazing and valuable consumer product designs that achieve a perfect balance between commercialization and design aesthetics.

Learn more about us now or get in touch with us to discuss your ideas right away!

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