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We treat each project individually and carry it out comprehensively - from professional product visualisation, through prototyping, to its implementation in production.

We work in one location, combining industrial design and embedded development competencies, allowing us to fully control the process of custom product development. The fruits of our work are often awarded, which is a satisfying confirmation of the quality of our work. As a reputed product design & prototyping company, we always strive to go the extra mile in providing our customers with high-quality new product development services.

We are
a team

The Mindsailors team consists of over a dozen experienced design and electronic engineers with an artistic spirit, passionate about their tasks, guaranteeing the completion of even the most demanding projects.

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You can visit us at the headquarters, meeting us on the Internet or fill in the brief. Tell us something you care and we will ask us for a solution.

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We give
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