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Your next new product development project should be handled by skilled engineers and designers who understand both the worlds of aesthetics and manufacturing.

Our work has been certified as a national R&D center. This means that your project will be safe with us, in the hands of designers with a lot of engineering experience and engineers with an artistic approach. Electronics design, mechanical design, DFM, and most of the prototyping will all be handled in-house by this multi-disciplined team. For you, that means less time spent coordinating a project and more time for your business.

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We are a team of experienced industrial design and electronics engineering experts waiting to help you develop your next product into a profitable business with a thoroughly researched, tested, and cost-effective design.


Our designs have gained global recognition, both in the eyes of our international clients and industry experts.

We feel honored to have our designers' and engineers' work awarded year after year for their talent, skill, and dedication to the projects they take on.

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More than just a catchphrase

Mindsailors is a prominent industrial design firm, product design agency, and product development organization that has won numerous awards.

If you approach us about developing a product, our goal is always the same:

  • to design a product that you will be able to manufacture at a cost that is good for your business;
  • to design a product that you will be able to manufacture using technologies that are within your reach;
  • to design a product that your customers will love.

This is true for every project we do. That is why our slogan, "Making bold ideas a reality", is more than just a catchphrase. We need more than a brilliant design on paper to make your ambitious ideas a reality for your customers. So our motto is embedded in the Mindsailors Product Design Process, as well as our project management and communication systems.

We understand the difficulties that our clients confront when embarking on a new project. Time, design budget, production budget, and design goals are not always in sync. As an industrial design firm, our mission is not only to engineer and design, but also to consult on product development and to communicate with and support the communication process of all stakeholders. Years of experience have taught us that communication is the most critical aspect of any product development process.

How do we apply the Mindsailors Product Design Process?

Product design


Our clients highly value and respect our product design services. With a human-centered design perspective, we approach each product user-first. Keeping this in mind, we always design for manufacturing so that we can create a really distinctive product design and user experience that is within your manufacturing budget and capabilities.

Our engineers and designers combine their abilities and experience in conceptual product design, embedded electronics design, firmware development, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing design to establish a product design powerhouse.

Our product design approach always begins with extensive research into industry trends, inspiration from outside the industry, existing solutions, end users, and available technology. This allows us to expand and/or reiterate your product brief into a more comprehensive and understandable document. Gathering all of that information provides us with a basis for designing and presenting you with numerous original product design concepts that have already been developed with your preferred production methods in mind.

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Product engineering


Our product engineering team is critical to the success of each of the products we design. Both PCB and electronics, as well as a product's mechanical design, are what actually bring product concepts to life and ensure that they not only serve the user, but also do so over a long period of time.

Thanks to our widespread renown as a successful product design agency, we have the unique opportunity to supply product engineering services in-house. Our electronics engineers, firmware engineers, and mechanical engineers collaborate with our design and R&D teams. This results in improved understanding, communication, and efficiency throughout the product development process.

You may rest assured that any engineering work on your product will not be performed independently of design aims and concepts. This eliminates the need for you to spend time managing independent teams, their procedures, and ensuring the artist and engineer are on the same page. Engineers with artistic souls and artists with engineering knowledge make up the Mindsailors design team.

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Research and development


R&D efforts are tasks that are creative, systematic, and unexpected in nature, with the goal of developing new or improved products and technologies. The solution of non-obvious technological issues is the major distinction between research and operational activity in goods, production lines, and manufacturing processes.

We have continuously demonstrated our ability to take on and achieve results in R&D activities, earning us EU certification as an R&D center. This acknowledgement of our innovation consultancy and innovation development abilities provides our clients with even more comfort and peace of mind when onboarding us for a large product development project.

We offer technology research, material design, patent research, and technology development as distinct projects as well as as part of our product development services.

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Product development


We work to provide our clients with honest and straightforward support and consulting. We feel that this is critical for a successful business relationship as well as for the success or failure of a project. That's why we never take on the role of "yes-men" who are expected to give a pat on the back and "just do". When you engage with us on product development, you will receive honest opinions and unsweetened findings from the research phase through conceptual design, mechanical design, and manufacturing supervision.

In terms of our involvement, product development projects are the most comprehensive. We walk you through each stage of the Mindsailors Product Design Process, which begins with your idea and wraps up with a shelf-ready product. This entails a significant amount of prototyping. We create conceptual prototypes for weight, size, and finish, as well as mechanical and electronic prototypes, in order to end up with a "golden sample". This "golden sample" prototype is then subjected to detailed work in collaboration with the manufacturing facility, as well as first batch supervision on our end. If necessary, we can additionally create assembly equipment, packaging, or provide branding and early marketing services.

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Making bold ideas a reality is more than just a slogan for us. Even if you entrust us with only a certain phase of your new product development project, we always strive to make your product user-friendly, cost-effective, and manufacturing-ready.

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