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Mindsailors is an internationally operating industrial design studio that has transformed ideas into commercially ready products for over 15 years. Our professional product development services go beyond the purely conceptual phases. 

We are a team with the full range of knowledge needed to create products from A to Z. Within Mindsailors, you can find departments such as:

Industrial Design Team

The Industrial Design team consists of several engineers with a designers' spirit and designers with engineering experience.

Embedded Electronics Team

The Embedded Electronics team is a group of closely cooperating electronics engineers and programmers who design with a professional mindset and passion.

Client Service

We believe that our most successful projects are a result of shared ideas and the good relationships we form with our clients.

Chief Executive Officer
Patryk Strzelewicz
Chief Operating Officer
Voytek Holysz
Business Development Manager & Designer
Thomas Weber
Brand Manager
Anna Ganclerz
Office Manager
Martyna Szaciłło-Kulikowska
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You can visit us at the headquarters, meeting us on the Internet or fill in the brief. Tell us something you care and we will ask us for a solution.

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