Sustainable design

The idea of sustainable design allows us to go one step further in our work - both in terms of the design and the industries we want to reach. 

In view of the ecological and social aspects that are important to us, we aim to show our clients alternative solutions that allow them to make a conscious contribution to the environment and the needs of individual social groups. The areas that are of particular importance to us are:

Material policy

As part of the design process, we are keen to suggest to our clients more ecological alternatives for the materials used in the final product.

Surface features

Amongst the perfectly smooth surfaces that surround us, we like to draw attention to products that have imperfections, for example, as a result of 3D printing. However, depending on the 3D printing technology and material used, these can give a product unique characteristics. 

Repairable products

Whenever possible, we strive to design repairable products that have minimal impact on environmental pollution.

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If you are interested in the topic of sustainable design, be sure to visit our blog. In the articles created by our team, we share our knowledge, experience and thoughts related to this issue.


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