The Beneficiary Mindsailors Sp. z o.o. is to do the following project.

„Mindsailors on the gobal market”

as part of the Intelligent Development Operations Program for the years 2014-2020,
priority axis no.3 Innovations support amongst companies
activity 3.3 Support of promotion activities and global reach gain for innovative companies
subactivity 3.3.3 Support for small and medium sized companies in promoting product brands - Go to Brand

Projects goals and expected results:

The goal for this project is the companies’ global market expansion, including the US market. Actions undertaken within this project will contribute to increased sales of design services to current and inbound customers. The Beneficiary's company will grow at an accelerated speed with increased turnover, competitiveness level and a greater, global brand awareness for Mindsailors Engineering Ideas.


Project Budget: 252 800,00 PLN 

Incl. from European Funds: 189 600,00 PLN

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