Preparing electronics for certification

We select and perform appropriate tests for a product delivered by our client or developed by us for the client in order to prepare it for EU certification which allows for a product to be sold in the EU market. In case a delivered product doesn’t pass a test we help to identify and solve the problem.

Test types:

  1. EMC - these tests determine a device's compliance with the EU Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
    This group of tests verifies if the tested device may interfere with the work of other devices and if the tested device itself is prone to interference that might cause it to malfunction.

  2. RED - devices that contain any sort of radio transmitter or receiver (e.g. Bluetooth or Wifi) must be in compliance with the EU Radio Equipment Directive. We perform tests that verify a device's ability to comply with this Directive. In case a device falls under the RED tests category, EMC tests are not required.

  3. LVD - similarly, every device working with a voltage over a certain level must comply with the EU Low Voltage Directive. We can perform tests that verify if a certain device is able to comply with the Directive and doesn’t pose any harm to it’s user.
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