Reports reveal that in 2019, embedded electronics design procedures produced immense value
in the engineering product development sector. Companies have been actively leveraging different embedded electronics solutions, from PCBs to microprocessors.

This set of processors, memory, i/o peripherals, and software features has dramatically impacted the overall product design and development techniques.

Another statistical report shows that the embedded electronics engineering market is expected to reach more than 130 billion USD by the end of this decade. So why not benefit from Mindsailors’ awesome embedded electronics services?

Wait, you don’t know how we use it to create new product designs and production streams? Continue reading to find out!

Step 1: Ideation

The first step is the most exciting phase of this process. Our team closely studies the project brief and assesses its potential. Whether you have a great idea or not, we can help refine it and make it transformable.

The ideation stage also includes a thorough research study that allows the product design team to evaluate market demand, gaps, required features, and product capabilities.

Step 2: Pre-Design

In the second step, the embedded design team meets with clients multiple times. This ensures high-degree confirmation of new tech specs. After the pre-design phase, we successfully create an implementable project brief.

Step 3: Dev Board

The Dev Board step is a highly critical part of the embedded electronics product design process. It deals with the circuit diagrams and estimates PCB dimensions. Coupled with key components, validations, BOMs, and basic firmware requirements, this data helps us in reaching an internal prototype.

The team meets with the client once again to check if there are any optimizations required. All in all, you will stay informed and assured about each step of our embedded electronics process.

Step 4: A Targeted Prototype

A targeted prototype is then created that meets all the requirements and assumptions mentioned in the dev board phase. This particular goal is reached after several changes and iterations.


Step 5: Firmware Development

Now the embedded electronics team gets to the firmware development in which they curate the software integrations with end-to-end documentation.

Steps 6 and 7: Design for Launch and Product Supervision

In these two steps, the prototype coupled with firmware is allowed for manufacturing in a particular Electronics Manufacturing Services Unit. Then the product supervision process is implemented as an ongoing strategy that lasts through the complete production phase.

And there you have a final product, ready to hit the stores and woo your customers! Want to learn more about the above mentioned process? Head over to this link now.

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