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Case study


CLIENT: HealthUp Sp. z o.o.


  • pre design
  • conceptual design
  • targeted conceptual design
  • mechanical design
  • design for manufacturing

AioCare is an ultraportable spirometer that connects to your smartphone. It is the result of hard work produced by our dedicated project team with extensive experience in the field of telemedicine and mobile solutions.


The design combines numerous technology developments and proprietary techniques to provide a user-friendly mobile spirometer. The device comes with a mobile app that allows users to have an in-home spirometer at their fingertips, track their results, and, in the end, minimize serious hospitalizations due to acute and chronic exacerbations.


The client approached us with two pre-designed versions of the product: the first was rejected during testing; the second did not match the client's specification. It was necessary for us to thoroughly analyse the materials provided by the client (electronics, airflow and functional requirements for interchangeable mouthpieces) and plan what design elements would be needed to meet the clients expectations.


We prepared 3 visual concepts based on the newly updated requirements. The most important elements were interchangeability and charging the device in a dedicated stand. After analysing our proposals, the client concluded that they needed to change the concept in terms of functionality - the whole mouthpiece needed to be replaceable


At this phase, we had to solve two major functional problems: how to detach the mouthpiece and make it firmly attached to the body at the same time - we explored several possibilities. 

Later, during following revisions, smaller aspects such as the length of the mouthpiece were improved. The result was a refined concept, which later served as the basis for the first visual-functional prototype.


The prototype we designed at the previous stage was very similar to the one we later achieved as the final version. That was possible thanks to solving a lot of problems beforehand. This meant that at this stage we were able to focus on preparing the unit for manufacturing. We added mechanical components, improved sealing and stiffened elements for better clipping action and compatibility.


After testing the prototype, we moved to the DFM phase, where we worked with the chosen manufacturer who was able to give us feedback on the design from their perspective. Based on these comments, we made adjustments to the model which ensured no problems would come up during production at the same time making sure the exterior design wasn’t affected.


For this project, we did not supervise the whole production process. We did provide a quality check for the first units produced though. Our assessments resulted in minor adjustments in the production process which were to be implemented in the following batches.


AioCare is an ultraportable spirometer which connects to your smartphone. It is the result of hard work produced by the dedicated project team, which has extensive experience in the field of telemedicine and mobile solutions.

Behind the design

Every product design is the result of a team effort. It never boils down to one person, but every project has its lead designer or lead contributors. If you want to know more about our current team, visit our team page.

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