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Mudita Pure


Mudita Pure

​Minimalistic design for simple living. Designing Mudita Pure was a challenge. The more simple and clean we made the design, the more difficult it was to manufacture. It took us around 18 months to find the final look and included the creation of more than 40 different proposals. We took our inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design traditions combining ZEN aesthetics with nature itself. Comfortable to hold, the simple form brings to mind the shape of a stone. We appreciate good looking objects that bring us joy, something we found lacking in the current feature phone segment.

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We are a team with a full range of knowledge in product development from A to Z. We believe that our most successful projects result from shared ideas and the good relationships we form with our clients.

Senior Industrial Designer
Rafał Piłat
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You can visit us at the headquarters, meeting us on the Internet or us briefly. Tell us something you care and we will ask us for a solution.

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