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Zelmotor Blender

CLIENT: Zelmotor Sp. z o.o.

Zelmotor Blender

Zelmotor Stand Blender is a premium device in its product category. We developed three visual concepts, taking into account aspects such as the reliable operation of the control, the secure attachment of the cup, container and impact mill to the stand, the use of magnets for automatic recognition of accessory types, and the stable construction of the stand. The ergonomics of the product is determined by both the design and construction - in particular: convenient buttons, dials, touch keys, equipment opening hooks, a comfortable and secure grip on the cup, smooth speed control and a large and clear LCD display.


Every product design is the result of a team effort. It never boils down to one person, but every project has its lead designer or lead contributors. If you want to know more about our current team, visit our team page.

Designer & Constructor
Aleksandra Jatczak
Designer & Researcher
Anita Rogoża
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