Capsules, until recently associated with science fiction films, are now part of the public space. Their presence in everyday environments is increasingly less surprising. The growing interest in the subject gives designers a unique opportunity to fill the niche and to involve their own unconventional ideas into the emerging world of capsules.



More and more companies follow Google, Facebook and UBER. In addition to classic chillout rooms, equipped with colourful sofas, a game console and football table, they offer their employees an alternative in the form of sleeping capsules, which can be cut off during work and allow to take a nap. Thus, sleep during working hours is no longer a taboo subject and this method to spend a break is almost no surprise. The capsule, the design of which allows you to take a comfortable, lying position, cut off from sources of external sound and light, set relaxing music, and even program the wake-up call allows the employee to feel like in their own bedroom and effectively regenerate during the day, without leaving the office.




Sleep capsules are just the beginning. The trend in the coming years will certainly evolve. For this reason, the market will be saturated with new applications of "boxed solutions". In many spaces, you can already see how futuristic rooms replace classically understood offices and rooms where meetings with clients or morning team briefings are usually held. As it turns out, the more original, the better. Unusual solutions that replace classic open spaces or "aquariums" attract people who value a creative work environment and give companies an advantage over the competition in the pursuit of employees.



The fashion for capsules has also arrived in outdoor activities. More and more such solutions can be found in parks, city squares and green areas belonging to the surrounding office buildings. The possibility of moving from the classically understood office to a room located outside the building opens a new chapter in the work culture, where the "work space" enters places associated with relaxation and spending free time.




The times when the waiting rooms of airports or railway stations were equipped with only uncomfortable plastic chairs are a past. These spaces are adapted to the needs of passengers and filled with miniature rooms like compact chillout rooms, where you can rest, sleep or watch TV. Such a solution allows you to plan a long journey with transfers, which becomes a pleasure. Even the fact that the use of the facilities has not been included in the ticket price will not deter those seeking relaxation and respite.



Capsules change the world as we know it. They are mobile, compact and modern. They archetypically respond to the human need for shelter, provide a sense of security and, when necessary, the possibility of isolation. Their presence sets new standards in workplaces, creates a friendly environment in spaces that have so far been associated with discomfort, and effectively fights against architectural boredom. For designers, the capsule boom is a great opportunity to use the potential and set standards in a newly emerging area where design can have a lot to say.

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