Design for manufacturing is the final pre-production phase after closing the design work on a mechanical prototype. DFM is closely linked with the desired manufacturers' capabilities and is mainly based on design work focused on adapting the initial design for technologies and processes. Production guidelines differ from one manufacturer to another. For example, file formats, curve radiuses, and other elements might need to be adjusted. Therefore, for the finished product to be as close as possible to the final prototype, we need to work with the manufacturer on product design and manufacturing and adjust the prototype along with its documentation accordingly.

DFM is the final phase, where all the decisions about functionality and design have already been made. In this stage our team works with the manufacturer to ensure production efficiency and the best possible product quality.

Contrary to what may seem it is quite a time-consuming phase. Depending on the project's complexity, DFM can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, as it is usually involves a lot of engineering work and technical testing. If the mechanical design has been developed with a specific production technology in mind (usually the case), then the DFM would run pretty smoothly. Therefore, it directly results from the previous product design stages and their output.

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