Mechanical design

Work in mechanical product design consists of refinement of individual elements in terms of technological/mechanical correctness required by the selected production technology. At this stage, we also focus on the product's interior, particularly the correct assembly of individual elements with one another, such as the electronics and other mechanical elements. In addition, we complete the model with the necessary fixing, strengthening, and positioning elements (i.e., catches, supports, ribbing) and plan the optimal way of device assembly and taking into account service indications. We carry out all construction work using SolidWorks engineering CAD software.

10-90 days

Scope of work: 

  • 3D modelling under selected production technology
  • Selection of mechanical and electrical components
  • Selection of materials
  • Selection of manufacturing technology
  • Elimination of part collision 
  • Assessment of product safety
  • Preparing technical documentation

If you are not sure what stage of technological readiness your project currently is at, send us an email to mindsailors@mindsailors.com and we will conduct an analysis and create a report showing the direction of required work

7- 14 days

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