Product designing and development is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. Regardless of the industry you’re operating in, you may need to seek professional product development assistance at some point.

At Mindsailors, we believe that knowing about different product designing methods can be useful for business owners. It will help them visualize new product ideas more clearly and communicate them to the R&D team.

In this detailed blog, we have talked about the most common and popular types of product design methods used in the engineering industry. You will also learn about our custom curated MS Industrial Design process and why you should leverage it ASAP.

1. Embedded Electronics

Embedded electronics is, by far, a very effective software/firmware tool that needs a separate design from, e.g., chassis or mechanics. It’s a set of hardware/software used to perform tasks when resources and optimizations are limited.

It definitely helps businesses create consumer-centric products that improve their overall experience.

While embedded electronics is not a new concept anymore, it continues to evolve rapidly.

Check out how our embedded electronics team can help you!


2. Mindsailors’ MS Industrial Design Process

At Mindsailors, we implement an all-encompassing MS industrial design process that allows us to bring your new product ideas to life. This process consists of the following stages:

· Idea

· Pre-design

· Conceptual design

· Targeted conceptual design

· Mechanical design

· Design for manufacturing

· Production supervision

· Product

Our process is integrated with seamless communication between the team and the client. We focus on gathering as much data as possible to ensure that the idea is transformed properly. In addition, our company has also received a government-issued “R&D Center” certification showcasing our new product R&D capabilities. Check it out here.

Some of the other engineering design methods include:

· Axiomatic Designing: It consists of a systematic, matrix-based study of customer needs to translate them into a new product design.

· Biomimetic Design: It is a strategy to use natural phenomena as inspiration when designing tangible products.

· Concurrent Engineering: In this design method, different stages of the process are run in a single time frame to reduce costs, time consumption, and inefficiencies.

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At Mindsailors, we’re all about bringing ideas to life. We operate internationally with a purpose-designed industrial design studio. Together, they can create amazing and valuable consumer product designs that perfectly balance commercialization and design aesthetics. Avail our professional new product development and design services along with expert assistance with the marketability and product improvement.

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