We often come across products, items, and devices that might seem small and unnecessary, but we wish to have them with us for some reason. One gift the industrial revolution and the advancement of engineering processes gave us was the concept of EDCs. These are small devices that do big things with their functionality, speed, and power.

Whether you're keeping a mini taser in your bag or you're using a power bank, most of us are now significantly dependent on EDCs because of their ability to help us in some of the most challenging situations. If you're preparing yourselves for some outdoor adventures this summer, here are some EDC concepts of product designs you should check out.

A Steam Cooking Device

Whether you're gathering supplies for a road trip or are looking for new devices to make living on the road easier yet fun, adventurous, and memorable, a steam cooking device will never disappoint. There's nothing better than a cooking device that allows you to heat some chicken or grill some steaks with steam.

At Mindsailors, one of our leading designs includes Steamie. It's a new generation of cooking devices made with an innovative steaming technology that allows food to be prepared with a highly rich texture, flavor, and aroma. Thanks to its turbo convection, Steamie is the perfect device for anyone looking to devour their favorite foods on their summertime camping trip.

A UV-LED Disinfection Device

Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time, especially when you're out and about. This often increases the need for devices to deal with unprecedented injuries resulting from accidents. An EDC design that significantly helps with this is a UV-LED disinfection device such as Acuva, created by us at Mindsailors.

It's a handy, pocket-sized device with a foldable design. You can use it to disinfect surfaces with its UV-LED technology that works within ten seconds. The device's portable nature is excellent for outdoor adventures.

A Storage Device for Private Files

Lastly, if you want to have all your private files with you even when you're on the go, the perfect EDC design for you is that of a mini storage device. An example of such a design is Sherlybox.

Designed with embedded electronics, Sherlybox is a unique storage device based on an invite-only network that you can use to store important files and share them with the people you trust, regardless of the file size. Whether you want to store and share movies or need to exchange documents, this device has got you covered.

If you're a business looking to design similar products for consumer use by resorting to product and industrial design services for the most flawless research and development, feel free to check out Mindsailors and our services. We're known for offering various product development solutions to help our clients with new product research and development services, including new product development research, custom product development services, product design and prototyping, and more. Contact us to learn more today!

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