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SIPMA SUPRA is a housing for a pick-up for balers (used in variable and fixed chamber balers). 

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Our client improved the performance parameters of his product, a pick-up for balers (used in variable and fixed chamber balers). They wanted to emphasize the introduced innovation with its external appearance as well, and they approached the design office for the first time in its history. Our task was to design housing for the machine that would emphasize the new solution, be attractive, modern, and stand out from the competition. The challenge was to design covers for a whole family (three) of machines with different dimensions and applications, kept in the same style.


At this stage, we conducted an extensive analysis of the agricultural machinery market. We knew what technologies our client would ultimately use (RTM (resin transfer molding) or thermoforming), but we were looking for the right design. Wanting to respect the legacy of the brand, we also delved into the process of maturing the brand, introducing new technologies, and with it, a new style. We gained knowledge by observing the evolution of the trams, buses, automotive, and tool industries. We decided to propose three designs with different style languages: futuristic, automotive, and product.


We developed a moodboard for each concept. First, we created simple sketches that gave us a direction for the work, and then we made very simple 3D models and verified that the direction was good. We printed projections of the models and refined the styling based on specific solids that met all technical and volumetric requirements. Then we created more detailed 3D models and verified them again. In the end, we developed 9 concepts for three machines in three styles: futuristic, automotive, and product. We also proposed a slight logotype color and style change to further emphasize the machine's upgrade. In the end, the client, after much discussion and verification, opted for the automotive-inspired version.


This stage was inseparable from mechanical design; we merged the styling function with the function of preparing for later production. We received all the details and exact dimensions of the machines, including the total surface area, wall thickness, etc. We had to combine styling with functionality; quite a few elements needed to be optimized. We checked how the proportions behaved so that we could still hide everything under the enclosure according to technical and functional requirements.


This machine's housing is large-scale, requiring high aesthetics and a short production-finishing time. Since most of the manufacturing process was automated, we produced a top-quality, virtually production model. We had to propose and do what was technically feasible while maintaining this style from the original visual concept.


The client's engineering team made structural reinforcements for our model. The client was very satisfied that the housing was easy to manufacture and met all the stylistic and technical requirements. After putting the housing into production, we received feedback that it was impossible to create a simpler design with such high style.


The client carried this phase out himself; however, we were in constant contact. We received feedback that the physical model produced and put on the machine turned out to be practically perfect.


A final product SIPMA SUPRA with a new housing for a pick-up for balers (used in variable and fixed chamber balers). 

Behind the design

Every product design is the result of a team effort. It never boils down to one person, but every project has its lead designer or lead contributors. If you want to know more about our current team, visit our team page.

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