Do you have a couple of exciting and scalable product ideas that need to be transformed immediately? Consider hiring a professional new product R&D and design company right away.

There are many more ways that a new product development firm can improve your new product’s success. They ensure better, seamless communication while helping you to understand the criticality of a multi-faceted product development solution.

Mindsailors is a new product research, design, and prototyping company offering a holistic range of services. Our embedded electronics and industrial engineering teams are excellent at providing a one-stop solution to new product development clients.

Now let’s talk about why your business needs us.

Industry Experience

New product development is no joke. It’s one of the most crucial phases in any business’s life cycle and thus, requires professional interference. A new product design and development company knows all about current and future market trends, evolving customer needs, and design capabilities.

Their professionals utilize these insights to convert your ideas into real products without leaving gaps in their functionality and effectiveness.


A new product design and development project can cost thousands and even millions of dollars. And no company wants to let that much money go to waste. That’s why it’s always smart to get a professional team on board right from the beginning.

Mindsailors’ cutting-edge design process entails everything from the ideation and research phase to prototyping. Check out our process here.


Leveraging Technology

Running a company is not just about buying and selling. There are a lot of functional units that need your time, money, and effort. For example, if you’re operating a firm in the engineering sector, you need to synergize everything from product portfolio to customer management.

And that’s exactly why we say that running a business is not a one-man show. You need to have experts who can optimize your profits by implementing targeted strategies.

Speaking of new product development, hiring a professional team is the best way to leverage technological power that your business may not currently possess. At Mindsailors, our embedded electronics product design process includes some of the most advanced techniques like:

· Technical research

· PCB design

· Firmware development

· EMC, RED, LED Precertification, and more!

Hire Us to Avail Excellent New Product R&D and Design Expertise

Overall, a product design and development company like Mindsailors can help your business get to the next level.

Our company has been awarded a coveted government issues “R&D center” certificate that marks our credibility as an engineering product development firm. Check out our recent projects here or contact us to avail our product conceptualization, prototyping, and R&D services now!

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