The world is currently undergoing a global climate emergency with an increased need for sustainable practices. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development, there’s a dire need for designers to employ practices that protect the design industry’s future.

Therefore, industries continue to feel encouraged to make their operations as eco-friendly as possible. Industrial design companies participating in new product research and development continue to look for better ways to reduce their carbon footprint through sustainability. Here are some environment-friendly product design and development practices that’ll help your industrial design company win.

Making Recycling a Part of the Design Process

Recycling has always been the first and the most important practice for all industries looking to adopt sustainable measures. Therefore, industrial design companies can always take the first step by incorporating design practices that can be employed through recycling and reusing materials.

This is also possible through the use of green materials and increased efforts to reduce paper usage and make operations as digital as possible. Similarly, your industrial design should be able to turn into a repairable and recyclable product that doesn’t add to the existing global waste.

Prototyping That Reduces Consumption

Creating an industrial design is a comprehensive process that may often require the use of energy, machinery, and hazardous materials to mass-produce devices and products. This can easily be eliminated through prototyping via 3D printing. It’s one of the most feasible ways to reduce consumption and improve your prototyping efforts.

3D printing for prototypes doesn’t only make industrial design sustainable but can also help you save design and production costs. With flawless designs, you can test out your prototypes without wasting materials and adding to your carbon footprint.

Prioritizing Energy Efficiency

Lastly, product design and development can also be made sustainable with energy efficiency. It’s when you use materials and machines that don’t consume a significant amount of energy and design products that are durable and long-lasting.

Energy efficiency will make your company sustainable and will help you develop designs to stand out from the competition.


At Mindsailors,  product and industrial design services significantly rely on sustainable design to help your business thrive. Feel free to reach out to our professionals to learn all about their services. We offer a wide range of product design solutions with our numerous new product development services, including new product development research, custom product development services, product design and prototyping, and more. Contact us to learn more today!


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